Alianza Shire finalizes the technical design and accelerates its activity in the refugee camps

At the beginning of September, the nation-wide state of emergency declared by the Ethiopian government came to an end. However, the Government of the Tigray region, home to the refugee camps in which Alianza Shire operates, has decided to extend the state of emergency until the end of the year.


Still, the limitations hardly affect the implementation of the Alianza Shire project, which is why all activities in the camps had resumed as of mid-September.

In the upcoming weeks, the technical design for the extension of the electric distribution grid and street lighting in the camps will be finalized, and a tender for the purchase of electric equipment will be announced shortly.

Furthermore, given the limitations on international travel due to COVID-19, training processes are being reassessed, for capacity building together with various local organizations.

In addition, the provision of electricity for households through solar home systems has continued, leading to the development of the Luz en Casa (Home Lighting) program in the refugee camps and their host communities.

Specifically, in order to create micro-enterprises that support solar home systems, the pre-selection of entrepreneurs among the refugees and host communities is being carried out so they can receive the necessary training.

In addition, awareness-raising workshops have begun with future users of the project.