NAUTIA, methodology for the identification of needs in refugee camps

NAUTIA (methodology)

In 2018, the Technical University of Madrid has created the UPM Refugee Platform, a network for cooperation between professors, researchers and students, with the objective of improving the quality of life in refugee camps.

This year, the Platform published the NAUTIA methodology, which makes it possible to obtain a list of priorities identified by the refugee population and the host communities, through participatory workshops.

These workshops of Alianza Shire provide assessment of current critical situations in the camp and in the surrounding populations, as well as the design of actions that lessen the fragility of the settlements.

nautia methodology

The methodology is applied in those refugee camps that are no longer in the emergency stage, and which are now facing the typical issues of permanent settlements.

Implementation of this methodology is already underway in the Shimelba refugee camp (Shire), established in 2004 and which has taken in approximately 7,000 people from Eritrea.

Download the methodology in Spanish (PDF)

Download the methodology in English (PDF)